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Open beta


We’re excited to announce the open beta of Snyk Apps - new extensibility points that enable you to expand the Snyk platform to easily integrate into your specific workflows!

Snyk Apps turn integrations into first-class citizens of the Snyk platform and as such, have the following characteristics:

  • Snyk Apps are easy to build and use with a great UX for both authors and end users provisioning them.
  • Snyk Apps are based on the Snyk API. This means that integrations are inherently more stable and safer to use than before. A Snyk app will not, for example, break when a user accidentally deletes their personal API key!
  • Snyk Apps are more secure. Implementing OAuth 2.0, they have granular permissions that you define so they only get access to what they need.

We’d love to invite our users to build their own app!

More details on Snyk Apps and how to get started can be found in our documentation.

👩‍🔧 Happy building!