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New project listing page design and functionality!




We’ve started to roll out a new design and feature enhancements for the project listing page! The design provides a cleaner and more consistent experience across the platform. The functionality improvements help you navigate and use the project listing page more efficiently.

Note: This is a gradual rollout that will first affect those users already using the new Snyk UI with a wider global rollout to follow soon.

So what can you expect?

  • Improved filtering insight, app context, and project identification: the new design accommodates project collections while aligning with how users navigate their projects

  • Clearly identifiable filters allow users to get to their projects quicker whilst retaining the context they’re working in

  • Page header and breadcrumbs let users know where they are in the app

  • Searchable and sortable projects list improves the scannable nature of the page

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 09.44.45.png

  • Share and bookmark filtered versions of the page: After users have applied filters in the project listing page, they can bookmark the link and share it with other users within their organization

  • Exclusion of folders when importing a project: folders can be excluded when importing a project through the UI (SCA and Container only)

  • Enhanced deletion: Targets, including their projects, can be deleted now

  • Easier re-import: Users can retry the import of a target should anything derail it

  • Sort by test recency: Projects inside a target can be sorted by name and latest test to find what is needed faster

For more information, head to the project documentation