Combined status checks for pull request tests

We've just released a new enhancement to our PR tests feature! In the next few days, instead of receiving a status check per project (manifest) file, you'll receive only two combined status checks for the project in the repository: one for security and one for licenses.

When you click on the Details link, you’ll reach a page in Snyk showing a list of tests with a per-project status drill down. This feature is great for mono-repos, allowing you to see a reduced number of status checks coming from Snyk.

Combined checks.png

Have GitHub repos where Snyk checks are marked as Required?

If Snyk checks are marked as Required in your GitHub repository settings, you'll need to swap the Required checks settings to the new combined checks (to look for the generic "security/snyk" check, instead of "security/snyk - <MANIFEST_FILE>").

In order to avoid blocking your work, we added detailed migration instructions that allow you to start the migration whenever you're ready. You can find the instructions in the Organization Settings page --> Integrations --> GitHub.

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